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From a Talk I Shared — Thoughts.

We exist in the middle of a universe of thought: Many are the same thoughts that have been swirling around the universe of man, for hundreds and thousands of years. Some thoughts are lifting up and some thoughts are casting down.

Tonight I will take us on a journey examining some of theses thoughts and their power and share some understanding of how can we operate in this universe of thought.

Thoughts create things. In fact thoughts are the creators of every action of man whether they are the thoughts of now, deliberately created, or past programmed thoughts maybe no longer under our control. There is always thought, before action or creation. Whether it is as simple as I’m hungry which takes us to food or I’d like to explore which could take us on a journey, or I’m afraid which could take us seeking safety.

I believe thought is the secret matter, which is the energy of the universe. Yes of Life itself. It has been called the thinking stuff which fills every place. Thoughts precede emotions which again create actions. Thoughts are energy which then emotes and creates motion. Emotion is energy in motion.

It is important to set a watch over our lips and a guard over our words. It has been said the power of life and death is in the tongue. Yes, it is words that either lift up or curse, but long before this though, thought has been the motivator of those words.

Intention is just powerful directed thought. Do you realise also, that beliefs are just thoughts repeated over and over, until they become a part of our being. Most of our beliefs were programmed long before by our parents, teachers, religions and the media.

Now there is habitual thought which again can take us in different directions. The problem is many of us aren’t in control over those habitual thoughts. That isn’t an issue if they are good habits, but trouble starts when many habits lead on a downward spiral into stuck behaviour patterns.

They say we think over 50,000 thoughts daily, that is almost one every second and amazingly most are the same thoughts day after day after day.

A little thought on its own is pretty harmless but then seems to want to invite it’s buddy along. Then suddenly there is the power of two and they quickly get busy inviting more. Now there is a whole group of them throwing a party in your mind and out of control. Those thoughts have been working together and soon an army of thought is working away building its routes through our neural networks and the chains of habit are forming.

A pathway for thought is moving through these routes in our being which can be okay, if the thoughts we have chosen are empowering us and creating positive energy. Be aware some thoughts especially of the fear based ones or others featuring the baser emotions, anger, greed and jealousy. They can soon take control unless we use our awareness to carefully choose our thoughts in the garden of our mind.

What would you like to be planting? Take a thought about the seeds of thoughts in your mind. What is each little thought going to be growing into? Is it going to become like a beautiful flower, flowing into and creating, Love light and life in your world or could it be becoming a dark choking weed, choking out the light and spawning many more of its dark cousins in the garden of your life. It takes a lot of work to get rid of fully grown weeds which seem to be able to sow their seeds and reproduce so quickly. So be sure to pluck them out at the first signs that they are not taking you, to places where you desire to go.

Chose and plant the beautiful flower seeds of your own desires. Tend and nourish them carefully and know that they will, with care, grow in Love and light, into all you desire. What if you realise your garden is quite full of weeds already. Well it’s time to go on a gardening or guarding, exercise of choice, looking at each thought and action to see what benefits you.

Remember though, if you have a glass of dirty water, it is pretty impossible to go through it and pick out all the dirt particles. So what is the solution? Pour in loads and loads of clean sparkling fresh water and flush out all the old until there is nothing left but clear, crystal clean, fresh water. Likewise with our thoughts, we can start again and in time choose and program each new thought and fill our head with life giving affirmations of good thought direction and emotions.

I would put it to you that all that we may call the higher vibrational emotions, including Love, Happiness and Joy, can be activated by the choices of our thoughts. When any dark birds seek to land in our garden to devour those new shoots of life it is time to say boo shake our arms in the air and know that they will fly away looking for an easier meal elsewhere.

To recap thoughts are energy in motion, they cause us to move. They create! We are not those thoughts. We can exercise the mastery of our choice, choosing which we let grow in the garden of our life. We can also interrupt any old and automatic habitual thoughts, with new choices and self programming.

All that remains to be said. “I’m just curious, which thoughts will you choose to focus on and where will they take you?”

3 thoughts on “From a Talk I Shared — Thoughts.

  1. Pearl Walker

    I have just found your article and I really enjoyed reading it. I have been working on my thoughts for a few weeks now and am now starting to see the flowers in my garden, where as before I felt it was just a tangle of weeds.

  2. Mike

    Nice read! Our thoughts do have so much more power for good or ill than we realize. Jesus taught that, and we should take it more to heart.

  3. Dyanne Gavin

    Thank you, being a gardener, I love the part where the the positive thoughts are new seedlings when the big black bird of negative thoughts comes to devour them. This happens to me especially at night when I’m tired and resisting sleep. Now before I say my bedtime prayers (and after if necessary) you will find me waving my hands on the air! Blessings, Love and Peace for All, NOW! Dyanne Gavin

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