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Are You Planning Your Life?

How long have you spent planning a holiday? Thinking about and looking up what you might see and visit, checking out hotels, working out the flights or travel times and costs, maybe getting a guidebook, or time on trip advisor researching all the best ways to experience or enjoy your trip, changing currency, maybe even learning a few words of another language and so on. 

So what have you done and have you thought about how you would like your life to turn out? Do you even realise you can plan it? Yes, thoughts create things, so conversely the lack of thought, will mean you are stuck drifting along, rudderless and often headed round and round in meaningless circles and slowly sinking. That way too, you will find others will have planned your life or are controlling it, then most of the time it works out for their advantage, not yours. 

It is time to take a stand! First believe that you can and then take some time out and decide: What kind of life would be your ideal? Consider; if money and time were not limiting, what would you like to do, be and have? If you believe it and first invest in creating it, in your heart and thoughts; “All things are possible to him or her that believes.” Don’t be afraid to dream! The master plan for our voyage here is for our enjoyment; not drudgery, poverty and pain, or even just shades of the same. 

Run movies in your head and feelings in your heart, of possessing your ideals and dreams. It’s probably best to aim to create one thing or work on one area at a time. Maybe life will magically change your present circumstances and fill them with light, a raise, harmony, instead of discord with those closest, more time for you and the experiences you desire, or maybe there will be a complete change of scenery and lifestyle. Be open to both, sow the seeds of desire and water them carefully. Feed them by living them inside and in due time they will be manifested outside in your world.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Planning Your Life?

  1. Ferdinand

    Hello Keith :)

    Wonderful post. I think it is relevant for many of us, who interpretated the law of attraction and so forth, just in a passive way, getting in only the part that says that we are super worthy, and so we think that the best things will automatically come to us. I think this is true, but with our participation! It would be quite boring otherwise..!

    We need to show that we are here to receive!

    Thanks :)

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