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Have You Created a Vision Board?

A vision board is a great way to speed the manifestation process. For those who may not know, it is usually a collection of pictures encapsulating your goals and desires. It is normally kept somewhere, that is frequently visible, to help bring your dreams into your reality. Sometimes, even the actions of creating one can jump start the magic process of manifestation. When you are clear on what you would like, I would highly recommend taking the time to make one.

I had an exciting experience creating and living one. On New Years day a group of about 40 people were in a New Years workshop and taking the time to create our own vision boards, for the year. Time was running out and two last pictures came to mind. I decided I would like to find and add the: A picture of the Great Wall of China, as I had thought of travelling there one day and a picture of a book, to bring further into my reality the book, I felt was wanting to be born. I approached the table with a stack of magazines, where there were still a few people hurriedly leafing through pages, searching for their desired pictures. Amazingly, as a beautiful sign, I picked up the first magazine and flipped it open and there was a picture of the Great Wall, with the caption “Explore New Places.” I thought, “Wow.” “So where is my book.” And the very next page I flipped open, there was the picture to represent my coming book!

The trip to China materialised and was amazing. It also happened months, before I thought possible, in April and it worked out for far less than such a trip would normally cost. Then along came an email from Hay House advertising their writer’s workshop in May. Subsequently attending it and I made firm my commitment to make the book happen and now a few months later the book’s writing stage is close to completion. A Vision board, mixed with intention, has magical powers!

Avoid wanting things too much, as this becomes, almost a dwelling on the lack of them. It is the intention of desire and the knowing, that they are there already in your confident future; that your treasured desires have already been created and are just awaiting the perfect time for you to step into them.

When you have done all of the smaller steps to prepare, create in thought and be ready. Then the universe and your higher self will see your mean business and the flow begins. The treasures of your tomorrow are waiting to be created, in your beautiful heart, and thoughts today.

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