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What Will You Wear Today?

A great way to start would be with a smile, an empowering thought, a little laugh, a quick dose of gratitude. You can choose; but for a phenomenal day, I’d suggest that practice, either before, or just after you open your eyes.

Then the choice; yes, you can choose! What emotions would you like to wear now and every moment throughout the day? You may have forgotten how to make that choice, normally due to musty old habits that have attempted to creep in. They have often arrived before you are really awake to your choices. But then, who would choose to wear an old habit, unless you are planning on becoming a nun!

Our emotions are like clothes. We can choose what we wear! They are not us or an integral part of our core being, they are choices that maybe, have become habits. Now that can be great if they are good habits, that you have chosen over time, but as things often degenerate, unless we are aware and work on them, many people are stuck or controlled by old habits and autopilot programs.

Would you want to wear drab grey or angry red? That is not to categorise colours, but to show the choices we can make. Would you choose clothes that help you blend into the background, which most would not see? Are you afraid of your shadow or being noticed? Or would you choose, the bright vibrant colours of Love, joy and compassion, to be glowing with happiness, that can melt and change your world, touching hearts and inspiring, lifting your own spirit and all the people you meet?

2 thoughts on “What Will You Wear Today?

  1. Alanna

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting
    for your furthger post thank you once again.

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