Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love

Working Your Way to Heaven Won’t Work!

– Let’s get back to simply Loving!

Whether it is a strict meditation routine, never missing mass or any other ritual or repetitive practice, those should or should not’s; these are all just other religions, your attempts to become perfect, to answer an inner guilt.

Loving along the route of a fun filled, joyous, life journey, shedding that guilt, with forgiveness, laughter and love, this is the path of enlightenment! – making lighter, until all burdens, shoulds, musts and feelings of unworthiness just drop off and float away. You are a child of Love and Life. Your birthright is the key to a life of Love forever, not some works trip, seeking an elusive state of perfection – that if truth were known and remembered, you already have! After all who can make perfect a dream?

Why do we strive so, when Life and Love are a gift, awaiting to unfold, as we awake, remember and open to accept them? The secret is to Love, yourself especially, and all those that bring the lessons, as our reflections. And sometimes, for the stronger seemingly more horrible ones, the lessons can be passed and learnt through a more powerful incantation of Love; “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you I love you!” This is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice, called Ho’oponopono.

Yes, some practices, rituals and forms of worship can be steps on the route to realisation, but too often they become, just another works trip, the musts on a downward circle of self righteousness, an impossible seeking of human perfection. That is the impossible dream! – Which is often sold by those seeking to control us, or accumulate our wealth! These are often old or new religions, selling the works for salvation, seemingly quick fixes at a price.

Love is the solution, becoming childlike again in the simplicity of Love, the upliftingness of Joy with childlike faith and gratitude; that is Life itself which has bestowed the greatest gift of the being, of a priceless part of Divinity, on each part of itself, which is Us.

One thought on “Working Your Way to Heaven Won’t Work!

  1. Rose O'Mahony

    The truth of this resonates with the truth of my inner being. Thank you from someone who knows the ‘working one’s way to Heaven’ path very well!

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