Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love

Failure or Another Disguised Step Forward?

I have another great belief that empowers me on this exciting journey. There is no such thing as failure! I will repeat it, as it’s very important. “There is no such thing as failure!” Failure is just a bad way to view the seemingly unpleasant events of life! Are you in the middle of a perceived failure? If you can, take a step up, or into the secret place of your heart and then look down on the bigger picture.

The belief that we have planned everything, before starting this voyage, can be another powerful, happiness holding belief, which, if truly believed, will give the perfect peace that nothing has gone wrong! After all what spaceman on a very special voyage wouldn’t have planned the route and all eventualities, as well as having lots of powerful backup systems in place? As already discussed, on this voyage, we can choose our beliefs and truths. So grab this belief and keep it, ready for use, in your earth survival kit.

Yes, we can learn that there is a better way, but without that experience, maybe we would have carried on down the same old and wrong road. So the lesson and knowledge gained becomes the growth factor, which proves the theory, that there is no failure.

There have been plenty of roads in my life, where all seemed like failure, dead ends loomed and disasters played out their stories. At those times it seemed like all was lost! However, in holding on, as life normally does, we pass through and life then brings its next changes. In the hindsight of looking back, life has always got better! – And if it doesn’t seem like that for now, it is time to believe, look for and step towards the next miracle.

Without these seeming disappointments or temporarily perceived failures, that next phase of growth, through change could never have occurred! There is a wonderful promise you can claim. “All things work together for good, to those who Love.”

There is no failing only learning of other ways that didn’t work, or that you chose not to pursue. It was once said that all roads lead to Rome and for us as Children of Spirit, all roads lead back to Source! There are so many exciting experiences, lessons and growth opportunities along the way. So let’s connect, touch other voyagers, play, have fun and let Life itself flow through us.

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