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The Law of Attraction

“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thought life. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking. Thought rules the world.” – Joseph Murphy.

Make sure you have adjusted your programming to get all you really desire. Yes, we are all running, much of our time, on previous programming! Either the thought patterns, habits and programming, we have created ourselves, or those we accepted from others. These were created, mostly before we had enough wisdom to make informed choices for ourselves. Is it time to run through and inventory these mind programmes, to decide which serve us today? Awareness is a big part of the key! Mindfulness is great, that is observing and being aware of what is going on with the thoughts in our heads. But, on a deeper level, what if those thoughts aren’t taking us where we would like to go?

What we focus on expands! This is why many people say the Secret & the Law of Attraction don’t work. We often spend too long thinking about, or worse talking about, what we don’t want and thus, as what we focus on expands what we don’t want will quickly be on its way into our reality.

If you want to change your world, focus on what you’d like and the qualities and things that you desire. I can’t repeat it enough: “What we focus on expands!”  Also, a bit of a paradox: Don’t want! As this is also, to an extent, a step to close to being desperate and an admission of lack. Focusing on lack, will also, likewise lead to more lack!

There is a strange and different balance between desiring something and wanting something. Somehow the laws that govern our universe seem to respond far better to desire and trust, than desperation and lack.

It works so much better to visualise and project your thoughts into the place of the accomplishment of the desire, or the achievement of the dream. Stand in that place, in your heart and mind and feel the feelings of its success. Don’t worry it’s not a lie, just a potential projection of your desired future. According to the Law of Attraction and tried and proven results, this method of raising and entering into the vibration of your desire, as well as taking the steps, that you can make, towards it, is a sure-fire route towards its manifestation.

One last caution, remember in this earthly realm time rules, so be patient and trusting, rather than getting into the place of thinking it is not happening. This again would move things further away and is also a key. Various different seeds, when sown take different times to germinate, grow and bring forth their fruit, thus each desire or dream takes its own, unknown time to manifest.

Just trust, have faith and know, deep inside, all you desire is, in due course, on its way!

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