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We are Meaning Making Machines!

“Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” – Joseph Campbell.

Whenever anything happens to us, thoughts usually come up and go into activity to search for a meaning or reason and often also, look where to place the blame. Do everything you can to avoid placing blame! Taking personal responsibility for every event is one of the first steps to finding new directions and flying back to Love.

Now this human characteristic of making meanings can be positive. That is, if we are attuned to great basic beliefs, such as; “Life Loves Me.” “All things work together for good.” “There is no such thing as failure.” However, sadly many of us have picked up the habit of allowing negative belief patterns and emotions to come to the forefront of our thinking, and then, due to the constant flood of these thoughts and ideas, letting them influence our journeys and moods, frequently dragging us down.

It is amazing how many different meanings can be placed on every situation that occurs. Just like when the police interview different witnesses to an accident, each one has a different perspective of what happened and a different story of where the blame lies.

I wonder, how would our lives change, if we constantly sought for the good, in all of the situations and events that befall us?

It is amazing, looking back at my life, how some events, which seemed like disasters at the time, have in reality proved, over time, to be blessings in disguise. The loss of a job set me free. The failure of a business again set me free, from working most of the hours in each day and almost every day of the year. It gave me the opportunity to live a new and far more balanced life. Thus finally attaining, a far more healthy life work balance. (Yes, who said this should be the other way around?) Now I’m able and learning to take the time to enjoy and live my life more fully.

I am convinced that serious illness or even death, surely have their place in the bigger plans of life. Yes, at the time, these seemingly tragic events are hard to understand or accept, but if we could just view them from the spirit and the perspective of eternity, I am sure we would then understand and probably realise, that the greater us, had planned them all along.

Let’s set a guard over the meanings we make and then accept. Let’s see, even if tough, we can find the place to believe that, “Life Loves Us” and everything that happens is unfolding in perfection. These beliefs sure make for a less ruffled, more confident and peaceful journey.

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