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Love or Fear – Your Choice!

“Love or Fear, the decision defines you.” — Oprah Winfrey.

There exists, only two states, Love or Fear. When we can stand as an observer, take a deep breath of clarity and see which of these realms, the thoughts that are bombarding our consciousness are emanating from, then we have the power to accept and embrace, or let them go and shun them.

Especially remember; you are not your thoughts! Actually they are not Your thoughts at all! Most of them have been flowing throughout the universe of man for many decades. They are the ghosts of past troubles, which have haunted mankind. Or you could program your thoughts to be affirmations of past victories, seeking to jump into and influence your world. Which would you like to choose?

It is a strange thing, thoughts originally come, like little butterflies gently wafting into our beings and we, in innocence can easily pick them up. Then they can so quickly become beliefs and habits. The process takes time and repetition and very soon they can become like old friends, familiar and welcomed. Beware! That is, be aware, that you can, too soon and too easily, get to a stage of ownership of any thoughts. – “These are my truths I must accept them”.

This is why, just like friends, it is so important to choose the ones, which feed, uplift and empower, rather than any which drain and pull you down to their levels. Which and who will you choose to flow with and let colour your world?

Some say, it is the age old battle, Love versus Fear. Actually it is all an illusion. However it is all such a powerful illusion that in many cases, once these fears have been welcomed and accepted, they appear to take control and rule lives and even nations.

It could be as easy as choosing to face the light, rather than facing into the darkness. When we face into the light, all we can see is light and that wonderful light melts the darkness, which then flees of itself. Just believe!

Remember there is a core place within, where no matter what is happening on the outside, everything is okay. It’s that magical part of you that will live forever and cannot be touched by any of life’s storms and disasters and also, can never die!

I saw a funny, but pertinent quote today. “We are ghosts, voyaging in meat filled skeletons, made of stardust. So what could you possibly be afraid of?”

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