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The Pursuit of Happiness

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think.” – Buddha.

King Solomon was offered his choice of qualities and he chose wisdom. Then all other things were added unto him!

Too many people seem to be stuck in a relentless pursuit of wealth, thus acknowledging they haven’t got it. They think it will bring them happiness. Yes, it can go a long way to help and it is okay to play that game. However first, just maybe, learning to be happy in whatever state we are in could bring the start of a higher more fulfilling way. Then all things and wisdom could be free to help us to really take off and fly in this wondrous playground of life. Could it be, all it takes, is to realise how wonderfully wealthy we already are?

Happiness is not something we just get by actions or possessions, but something we choose! Our happiness level can be full, regardless of exterior situations. Like the old question, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I’d say happiness comes first and then we can experience the golden eggs of life.

Maybe we are taking this whole journey or game of life too seriously? What if the main points were scored by positively touching our own and others lives, thus increasing our own and others happiness levels and living a full and exciting life?

Who made the rules and wrote the programs we have been flying with? Most, it seems, were written by our ancestors, designed for our protection, in a different age or by well meaning parents, teaching what they knew or had been taught themselves, for their protection as children. Or maybe we were programmed by our churches or religions, seeking to keep us on their way or their particularly narrow route, into their ideas of heaven, more to control us, than set us free; thus making sure we stay under their influence and contribute to support their missions through dogmas and the fear of eternal damnations. Maybe they want us to be miserable here, so we seek their route to salvation, rather than enjoying the journey of this life here and now.

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One thought on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. eric schroeder

    I agree it’s a beautiful journey … More so once you break the mold and take an active part in it…

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