Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love

Crowdfunding Appeal


The Crowd funding appeal has now passed it’s time limit and is now closed.


Thank You for your support. The book is fully available now. The multimedia website is under construction and should be finished around the end of October.

Following was the now closed appeal:

Would it be okay to ask for your help?

I’m starting a Crowd funding project as I’d appreciate your help in taking the book launch to the next level, with printing extra copies of the book and the creation of a multimedia interactive web site for the book. People will be able to read the book online and see different quote pictures that we couldn’t include in the print version, follow various threads from the topics and Keywords, and listen too or download the audio version that I am recording–all for less cost than a printed copy of the book.

You can be an important part of making this happen! There are some powerful healing tools and solutions in the book and my desire is to get them to as many people as possible. These words can change lives! Your help is essential!


There are some great rewards for your help. See the list on the Crowdfunder page. You can get  early copies of the book for less than the publishers recommended pricing!

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