Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love

About Me & The Book Project

Exciting! My book – the paperback version – is now available on Amazon UK.
Soon coming in Hardback and Kindle too.


Please visit: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/FlyBacktoLove There are lots of rewards and the opportunity to help me spread the words and receive an early signed copy of the book for less than the publishers recommended price.

Hi, my name is Keith Higgs.

Welcome to my blog, which is designed mainly to share ideas from my coming book: “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love”. A Manual and Guidebook to Life’s Journey.

We all land here on this earth in our body, an amazing living spacecraft. As we start to be aware, we realise there is no manual or user instructions. Worse still others have programmed the craft; our genetics, our parents, our schools our religions etc. So many of these programmes are out of date and often steer us in other directions that our own choices. Here is a collection of bite size nuggets of information, ideas and directions that will help you take back control and fly back to Love.

I need your help to share these empowering messages. Hay House shared the more followers and fans we have, the greater the chance of publishing success!

Your comments, feedback and thoughts are of great value. — Here is the deal, to make the coming book a success, your help would be greatly appreciated. if you like what you see and read. Please sign up to the mailing list. I promise to look after your details and not send out loads of offers or spam. A big list is a sign for potential publishers that there are people ready to buy the book.

As a reward and thank you some of the posts will be password protected just for those who sign up. The password will be sent out  to all on the mailing list along with the occasional newsletter and a very special offer when the book is published.

I am an avid voyager seeking experiences that will light up my life and those around me.

My Purpose: To Love, Learn, Teach and Enjoy Success.

I’ve sat at the feet and learnt from many masters, wise men and teachers. I have a burning desire to share some of the ideas, skills and knowledge thus learnt, also some of my lessons and mistakes that those following will possibly avoid the same.

I wish you the very best on your voyages and appreciate spending this time with you.

Please fill in your contact details. I will be sending out free stuff, news & chapters from the coming book as they are completed and when published a very special offer for all subscribers.

I also envision sending out a short regular email, “Messages from the Centre” would that interest you?

Please too (if you do) like it on the Facebook page and share it with your friends. I believe there are some great messages coming that many could benefit from.

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We also Have a Facebook group of people interested in Personal Development and Spirituality. It is a great meeting place and for anyone with a dream and also for those who would like one, but maybe are afraid to dream. It’s a public group so please take a look and if you like, ask to join.

Click Here to Visit Our Facebook Group “Awake Your Dreams”www.crowdfunder.co.uk/FlyBacktoLove

10 thoughts on “About Me & The Book Project

  1. Fiona

    Exciting times. Loving the speed of your spacecraft. Was great to meet you at the Hayhouse Writers Workshop. Keep flying amazing work.

  2. Paul

    Great to see you following your dream with this book, I really hope it’s a massive success for you mate.

  3. psychotherapist dublin

    I have to acknowledge that this post is especially enjoyable. I have invested nearly all of my down time reading through your information. They are awesome. Time well spent .Thank I saved as a favorite I would like to come back!

  4. Anthony

    To have wisdom and be able to fly keeps us above the doom that others can attract sometimes. Work on ‘The Power of Attraction’ for your future.

  5. Anita Nichols

    I love what I have been able to read so far. I cannot wait until the book is published. I will definitely be a buyer. Love your work. Many blessings and much success to you.

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